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My Path. My Art.

My art depicts the spiral of how we live and grow in a constant flux of revisiting, revising and renewing ourselves. Like trees, we build on these layers as cycles in our individual growth, making us taller, fuller and wiser. 

My subjects are trees because they act as a skin for the voice which creates my story. Trees are layered; they grow, intertwine, sprout and thrive. Trees are rooted. Trees are intricate and have many purposes. Trees can be ancient and wise. Some witnessed the rise and fall of civilizations. They are functional and necessary for our survival because they provide us with oxygen, food and shelter. Trees are sublime, pure and beautiful, demanding nothing but a space to grow and be. They are stoic and magical, virtuous and inspiring. Trees are our life blood. 

Combined with my technical and precise methods of stippling, cross-hatching and shading, I produce provocative pieces that embody elements of my perspective, imagination and voice. The intensity between the page and ink allow me to explore what is going on beneath the surface of the tree and what is expanding within its skin. In this space there is an elegance and persuasiveness that allows the piece to speak to each individual in a distinct and personal way. My intention is to convey emotion, texture and depth in every tree I explore.

My education includes an Honours English Literature degree from the University of Guelph with emphasis in classical studies and creative writing. I also have a Diploma of Education from Newcastle University, Australia. I have travelled the world as both student and teacher applying my passion for creating, learning and connecting through my artistic expression which I call PomonaLIFE.

"I draw the tree of love: it grows and grows; it is drawn and redrawn, because it loves and loves."

Andrea Currie

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