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I start each piece slowly, steadily, and with bad posture. One line and dot at a time, my passion drives my patience to get there. I am defined by everything I have touched, tasted, seen and dreamt, but I am made out of everything I have created.


In my mind, I sit in, under and above each piece as I work. I climb the branches to see what the view looks like from up high and follow the trunk into the ground. I pause in the space of impression to capture something in myself, and when each tree is complete a part of me is pressed into the inked energy of my expression.


I offer original fine art drawings on various mediums (e.g., paper, wood). I use archival ink  as well as oil based paint pens on various surfaces. My mixed media artworks include ink on watercolours as well as ink on acrylics.

Unique reproductions and limited edition prints available. Please contact me directly.


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