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Working on this piece on and off for about a year, I kept this piece at an arms length. Hovering in and around, I found peace in the fact that I was in no hurry to complete it. Tree truths emerged as well as the hope for something prosperous in the end..


Archival ink on Stonehenge water colour paper.

36 x 46"

Live Long

  • Artwork is ready to hang. Frame details: Shadow box, black wood frame. Artwork is float matted with Artglass (non-reflective, 70% UV protection).

    All original art is signed, dated and stamped for authenticity.

    CARE TIP: Never place artwork in direct sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight may cause damage to drawings/paintings due to ultraviolet rays that are harmful to many materials, including paint pigments and canvas. Even when placed behind glass or in an art storage unit, it is best not to store artwork directly under strong light.

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